Oh I have no doubt I’ll work it out.

It’s not like we lost the income entirely, it’s just VERY upsetting that a company that has been so considerate would out of the blue screw their employees so bad with no real notice. I’ll run several numbers scenarios today between doing more deep cleaning while waiting for the deliveries of all the stuff ds just bought—not knowing his pay dates were changing too.
During my first break I checked the calendar to see how many times the pay periods would be over 14 days—about 3 or four—not a good thing. Plus the pay days jump all over the week, so it will be hard to schedule weekend outings and major shopping trips too. But this too shall be worked out.
Looking for the silver lining here…those accounts that do charge interest on the average daily balance will often get their payment early and save me a few cents interest each month. Hey, as Granny always said “mind Your Pennies and your Dollars will mind themselves.”
I keep telling myself it will all work out in the long run and turn out to be a blessing. I just wish we’d had some warning.