I’m doing money this morning, as part of my time management/project management work

and I had just come to the conclusion that getting everything paid off by the end of this year is going to be a Herculean task. Quite possibly a Mission Impossible task. I would have to either quadruple my monthly earnings, go rob a bank, win Lotto or something equally unreasonable to hit the overly-optimistic goals I’d set. And I’ve come to the equally annoying conclusion that setting unrealistic goals (particularly debt payback) is as damaging as not having a budget to begin with. So I’m spending quality time with the snowball calculator and figuring out how fast I can pay things off given different levels of monthly debt repayment. And that last payment won’t be this year. Yes, we’ll retire at least one, hopefully several debts this year, but not The Biggie I’d hoped to get rid of.

I would humbly suggest you do whatever you have to, in the immediate term, to not go late on anything this month. They didn’t give you warning and that sucks, but if you can scrape something together to get everything this month paid on time, then you can do the planning to re-schedule stuff for future months. No, it’s not what you wanted to do, but sometimes it’s gotta be done. OR, go late on those items which don’t carry a late fee or other financial penalty, if you have that option. Annoying there too, since there’s usually some extra planning to get caught up with those later. But there IS a way to sort through this and minimize the damage.
I have completely confidence in you Jan, that you’re enough of a realist to get this figured out. And after you’ve rebuilt your bills schedule, maybe do something nice for yourself (and possibly for your ds since he’s working so hard to be such a good helper). A walk in a pretty place, a pleasant cuppa in a sunny window, whatever it takes to reward yourself for adjusting your sails, yet again.