Right now I am so unhappy

Dh just sent me an email from the company comptroller. Some almighty great bean counter decided that they would change the company payment schedule from every two weeks to twice a month. Starting THIS Friday. It’s not even a regular pay schedule type pay day like the 1st and the 15th or the 5th and the 20th like most companies. It’s a week after the 1st and the 15th—what a weird schedule. So instead of getting paid the 4th, 18th, and 1st the next three paydays as was scheduled we will get paid the 4th, the 22 and the 7th! Then it will be a week after the 1st and the 15th every pay day after that UNLESS that day falls on a weekend, then the gap between will be even bigger. Meaning we are now on a slightly variable income schedule to further complicate our budget.
You all know how close I have my budget set. Our bills are due and all would have been covered in full with a little extra going to BOA IF they hadn’t changed the schedule:
The house and small bills like insurance on the 5th auto draft on all of them
The Heloc is due the 15th auto draft–
All the unsecured debt is due the 18th-2lst, except for 1 cc and it’s due the 27th.
All our utilities that we pay a share of (ds pays most of the utilities and 1/3 of the others) are due the 15th

This means with the new payment schedule we will be LATE with every single bill except that one charge card—Best Buy!!! Not to mention there will be NO bonus payment to BOA. It also means if I don’t get the money in there from goodness knows where before the auto drafts hit we will go into to the over draft, thus costing us a bunch of money. I am simply coming undone at the seams right now. If they had told us this back with the Christmas bonus I would have held on to that and used it to keep current and then once the wrinkles were all ironed out paid off the two bills. But that money is gone, the debts are paid off. I’ve got my bef, and ds says he has some money he can loan us, this of course screws him on the bills he paus but I’m going to have to probably hit the broker for a withdrawal IF there is anything in the money market account right now (we just made a big mutual fund buy)–luckily we are old enough we can do that without penalty. Just to cover the bills on time. But that really screws with our retirement money too. Most of the employees don’t have that option so there will be ones in worse shape than us.
I am so upset that they gave us a TWO DAY notice on this and if I’m upset I can guarantee you 99.99% of the company is too. Only those who have known this change was in the works will be prepared for it. And everyone, whether they use a formal budget or not pays their bills to at least a semi set schedule. I simply cannot believe they didn’t warn us all ahead of time so we could adjust our budgets for the first of the year!
Well at least we aren’t going over the fiscal cliff too—or are we?