Well I spent part of yesterday and all this morning with spreadsheets

calculators and all sorts of number toys playing with numbers.
On top of the change in pay dates, the up in ss I discovered that according to SS the payoff I did on dh is now is suddenly $80 more and they want it now. Oh and it seems dh went over the allotted budget for my birthday without warning me, by more than would be considered comfortable. Love the man for caring but…. So with all the ‘extras’ coming out, and having to basically pay 1 ½ month’s bills with a one month income it looks like we are short about $3500. Dh is going to call the broker on that large amount. Ds could possibly cover most of it for us, but that’s not fair to him and it’s borrowing money from family—you know what DR says about that.
Then dh just called me and asked what I’d like to know about this date switch—I told him I only had one question “Why weren’t we warned so we could adjust our budgets ahead of time with no stress?” After all the owner has been following the DR plan himself for their personal and business budgets, he KNOWS about zero based budgets and he knows us and a few others in the company are on them. Then I asked him why he wanted to know. It seems they are having a company wide meeting on it today because so many people are in worse shape than we are about this big switch with no warning. Both he and ds said there were a lot of rumors flying today and a whole lot of grumbling going on. I warned both of them to stay above the fray, the one thing I know about this owner. If you are a trouble maker or a chronic complainer, you are GONE! And everyone else left at the company gets another round of lessons on violence in the workplace. The owner is terrified of stuff like that. I’ll be curious to see what comes out of it.
I told him I pretty well figured that it is because it will save the company money on doing payroll, and they are getting hit from all sides with the fiscal cliff mess because Capitol Hill can’t do its job properly and on time but can certainly give themselves pay raises. That is all understandable on the company’s part, but the no warning isn’t.
Like ds said last night, better for them to cut some costs than cut some jobs.
I doubt anything productive will come of the meeting, but I told dh to hold off on calling the broker until we see what they say, just in case.