I wasn’t stressed out

about selling a bunch of stuff until I saw his reaction to it.. I didn’t let him see any of his old stuff go away (I would sneak his old toys out and he didn’t notice) but then I had boxes of other stuff (like household stuff and things that haven’t used and he saw me taking pictures of things.. my husband is away a lot and I am limited on the time I can do it without him seeing it… I told him that we are saving money for our piggy banks so we will be able to do things.. I try to show him what we are doing so he knows about money (he saves, gives and spends his xmas money) but once he started questioning my selling I guess it kinda freaked me out b/c then I second guessed myself..
I will post our budget here shortly, but I just want to be able to get out of debt sooner then later to make less stress for our family.