Hey everyone, I know there aren’t many livestock producers on this list

or agricultural producers in general. But if there are, I just got a nifty new spreadsheet from a workshop I attended about break-even cost analysis for various farm operations. With this spreadsheet, we can enter data about any of our livestock categories, such as market hogs, egg production, broiler bird production, and quickly figure out what our breakeven point is either on a per-pound or per-animal basis. The original spreadsheet was for poultry, but I’ve already re-worked it for hog production. I’ll be setting it up for other things like wool production, breeding stock, beef calves, etc. Once I get our livestock channels set up, I’ll be doing the same thing for things like market tomatoes, commodity grains, etc.

If this sounds really rather basic or “dumb” to non-farming folks, yea it sort of is. Without getting on one of my little soapboxes (again) this morning, suffice to say that a lot of ag producers have been weaned on the concept that “there’s no money to be made in farming.” And they go through life and try to run their businesses that way. We’re never taught how to figure out if our pricing is making us money, or (worse) we assume we won’t make money so why bother trying? I get infuriated with that attitude and this is just one more way to combat it. So, if there’s folks on the list who want to know if their livestock, garden, greenhouse or field production is making them money, or costing them money, or even just how to figure out where the breakeven point is, this spreadsheet will help you figure that out. I’ll go ahead and post it to the Files section when I put a few more categories on there. But if anyone wants it now, let me know off-list and I’ll send you a copy.