As we were getting into full throttle mode on packing for the big getaway this weekend

We got a phone call saying my dbil was going in for knee replacement outpatient surgery. The next call said due to blood pressure concerns the doctor had decided to keep him for a couple of days in the hospital. So we went to see him a week ago today, the day of the surgery. Expecting him to be loopy, but awake. He wasn’t, and in fact he still isn’t. As many of you already know we’ve been spending most of our time at the hospital this last week. His organs are all functioning properly, but he’s not waking up.
EEG shows he had several small blood clots hit his brain and he has had multiple strokes. He may never wake up. He is slowly declining. Where at first he would respond to us by squeezing our hands, he no longer can. He has also stopped responding to pain stimuli. The doctors say he could stay in this condition for a very long time, or he could slowly come back to us or… they simply don’t know. They are running another EEG today to see if the swelling has gone down yet.
They are talking about moving him to a nursing home soon. The only good, so far, that has come out of dbil’s condition is we’ve seen dmil twice this week. She has aged tremendously, lost some weight, can’t hear worth beans, but knew who both her sons were the first day, not certain about the second. She does seem happy in her own little world, and that is all that counts. THE sil brought her to the hospital under protest. Swore she would not do so if we were anywhere near there.
When we came in for a visit both days she took off like a scared rabbit. The first time she left my youngest niece with dmil, the second time she drug her out with her. It is a shame she is that way.
I will say Karma is a b—ch, because sil looked as old or older than dmil, toothless. In fact someone described her as looking like a druggy from a tv drama. Her husband has left her, she got evicted, because of her dogs (which a dog was the excuse she gave for forcing dmil to move in with her) and dmil is giving her holy heck.
Meanwhile at the house we’ve had workmen come and leave without finishing the job for various reasons (mainly parts not in). They finally got the new skylights in yesterday. Still waiting on the new siding to arrive. If it comes in as promised that job should be finished by this weekend.
The two pups wrestled way too hard and Mr. Griffin, the older one, ended up sleeping in his bed for a few days due to a pulled leg muscle. He boo boo paws as good or better than Georgia did. It took him about two seconds to figure out he gets extra petting and treats if he has a boo boo.
In the meantime it is getting time to spay Jazzy and we are trying to figure out the logistics on getting that done since ds started a new job just last week and she would need monitoring right after the surgery. “Jaws”, as dh calls her, is a hyper active pup that thinks if she is awake she needs to be going at mach one. We are considering putting her in the small coop area for her recovery, alone. She and Griff could see each other, but not wrestle. Since we built the pen predator proof she couldn’t dig out. Both she and Griff had turned out to be quite the diggers, and ratters. They’ve killed more field rats than all four cats combined. I like that.
Dh filled out all the paperwork and mailed it in for the VA benefits a week ago and to our amazement they set him up an appointment immediately. He starts the VA journey tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.
I had a bit of a cancer scare, turned out to be nothing, but it was something I was told if it occurred to get checked immediately. I did and was told I was so healthy I stink. LOL! In fact that particular doctor said she doesn’t think I am in any particular danger of if ever coming back. I like her way of thinking.
So with all this going on we are nowhere near packed. We had originally planned on not leaving until after my June doctors’ appointments, but that has now been moved to July, but dh still has a class reunion in June he is considering going to. Then we decided we would go out this Sunday and stay out all of May in AR, MO and IL come home for the stuff in June and leave for the nw in mid-June. But this morning we are so at 6’s and 7’s whether to hurry up and pack, to keep our reservations. Just go some place very nearby or wait until June, but then we would have to be back in July for the doctors’ appointments and possibly a puppy to travel with us.
A dear friend has offered to give us an English Shepherd puppy that should be born in the next few weeks. This pup has special meaning to us because of connections to our dearly departed Jolie Marie. We are still trying to decide if we want to travel with an animal or not. There is a lot of things to consider if we do so.
Right now we are waiting for today’s test results on dbil, to see if the VA will need other appointments in the near future for dh, when the vet wants us to bring Jazzy to them, how ds wants to handle that situation, the workmen and everything else to see if we are going to be able to leave Sunday like we planned.