Erin, how you get a will done

on your own or through a lawyer depends a lot on your assets and if have a business.

We had one done when dd was a baby through a lawyer. We were told the lawyer’s fees would come out at the end. We might have paid a small fee of lime $50 at the time. We did not know at the time we could write our own in Louisiana. Check with state to see if this is legal and all the requirements.

We had our will redone a few years ago there was no way on today green earth we could do it on our own. By this time we had become self-employed under an S-corp.

So it’s not just a matter of whether to write a will or not. The every needs one even if you think you own “nothing”. Who do want to get your Beatles collection? What about your first edition books by (fill in the blank with your favorite author)? And so on. With a will YOU decide, not the govt. We know how successful they are at conducting business.