I am looking for a free debt payoff App

I want something I can enter the payments and extra payments. None of the ones I try will just let me do it without calculating the wrong amount. Suggestions? It is for our house. I am talking something like how ticker factory works.

Well, year has started

and I’ve gotten back on the band wagon that I always preach about. Cash, cash, cash.
I figured out my grocery budget for the week, gasoline, pet sitter, allowances, and entertainment and took it all out in CASH. I know what my weekly “life” category is, I just haven’t done the cash thing for a few months. Sometimes it is just easier to swipe the debit card and worry about it later, but I need to stay within my budget and not have to steal from Peter to pay Paul.

I did the grocery shopping for the week and have $20 left. I took the kids ice skating (our entertainment while the kids are on Winter break) and still have $8 left. So it will be interesting to see if any “misc” items come up during the rest of the week that will make me dip into the left over $28 or if I can have a few “no spend” days and be able to put that back on the BEF that is now EMPTY.
I was feeling sorry for myself that our business took a dive and I had to use the whole BEF just to make rent. But now it is time to level with myself that the money is not coming back and I need to start saving again to put it back. It may take me all year to replenish it, but I’m thankful that we had it!