The companies dh has worked for on set days like that before if it fell on Saturday they paid on Fri, if it fell on Sun they paid on Mon. Like I said before I know we can adjust, just the first month is going to be HELL trying to come up with three mortgage payments plus all the other bills out of two paychecks instead of three. But we are better off than a lot of the folks he works with. Many are living from hand to mouth with no savings what so ever. Plus no one like ds to help them.
Come of the folks at work for some reason thought they’d get paid both the fourth and the 7th this month—boy are they in for a shock. That is NOT what the email said at all and when ds suggested they re-read the email they were like “oh well, guess I’ll be getting extra points on my credit cards for using them if I’m wrong.” I can remember when we would have done that too, but now it’s not even a considered option—first of all I have no cards.
My main upset was the lack of consideration of not giving a warning of any sort. That would have just been a common courtesy. It’s really out of character for this company. It has me a bit concerned that they did something so opposite of how they normally are.
I keep telling myself—just 12 more months, just 12 more months then we both start getting our ss checks and our snowball will really roll.

Most companies I believe pay on the Friday before the weekend

or holiday should pay days fall on such a day. We hope they will do the same for you.
There is always an adjustment period when pay dates are changed, but I am sure you will find some regularity soon.
What would you do if husband started a new job with a new company? You would adjust to their pay schedule…think of this as that adjustment period.