Yep they are going from every other Friday to twice monthly—with no warning

So I had already set my calendar for 2013 up on every other Friday and made notations of what bills had to be paid on what pay day. Basically our bills are due on the first and fifteenth like most of the world. The problem is we were given NO warning. So I had my bills all figured out to pay them on the 4th, 18th and 1st this next three pay periods. Which with the little bit of money I held back from the bonus and the last pay check would allow me to pay everything on time, and a little extra on the snowball bill our little BOA. nly we get the notice today that the 18th paycheck will not arrive until the 22nd every bill I own but one is due by the 21 at the very latest—I do not have the money to cover everything out of one pay check to cover what would have normally came out of two. IF I had been given a heads up even a couple of weeks ahead of time I would have adjusted, and while it would have been tight we could have done it. Now we are going to have to hit the IRA to pay everything on time and I am NOT amused. And from what dh and ds tell me neither are any of the other employees. They said it’s a hostile work environment at the office today.
The other problem is with every other Friday we always got paid the exact same day of the week. With the 7th and the 22nd that day will change from month to month and if the 7th or the 22nd fall on a weekend then we won’t get paid until as late the 9th or 24th accordingly. The two main bills I am worried about are the mortgages and they are due the 5th and 15th –before pay day every month. So I’ve basically got to pay three mortgage payments out of two paychecks, plus all our other bills this month in order to pay the 15th one out of the 7th’s pay check and the 5th’s paycheck out of the 22nd’s paycheck.
Once we get past this hump then I’ll be able to adjust what I pay out of each paycheck accordingly to avoid being late, it’s just getting past this hump with NO WARNING. They aren’t even apologetic about not letting the employees know and they’ve known for awhile they were going to do it.
We’re luckier than some of the employees we at least have the IRA option and a helpful ds. Most of the company doesn’t.

That is really poor planning on the company’s part

I had a friend who would get paid a week after she submitted her invoice to her employer. The company got bought and they announced that they were going to pay every 90 days!
So an invoice she submitted in March, she got paid for in June! It was awful. They had to tap into a line of credit they had still. I think they went 9, 000 in the hole while they got the kinks worked out in their budget and got caught up and paid themselves back. It was absolutely ridiculous the change in the pay schedule. I think the company did it because they didn’t have the money to pay payroll and this was the only way they could keep the business running.
I know with your smart head on your shoulders, you will figure it out. I have to balance money every month being self employed. You will make it!

Oh I have no doubt I’ll work it out.

It’s not like we lost the income entirely, it’s just VERY upsetting that a company that has been so considerate would out of the blue screw their employees so bad with no real notice. I’ll run several numbers scenarios today between doing more deep cleaning while waiting for the deliveries of all the stuff ds just bought—not knowing his pay dates were changing too.
During my first break I checked the calendar to see how many times the pay periods would be over 14 days—about 3 or four—not a good thing. Plus the pay days jump all over the week, so it will be hard to schedule weekend outings and major shopping trips too. But this too shall be worked out.
Looking for the silver lining here…those accounts that do charge interest on the average daily balance will often get their payment early and save me a few cents interest each month. Hey, as Granny always said “mind Your Pennies and your Dollars will mind themselves.”
I keep telling myself it will all work out in the long run and turn out to be a blessing. I just wish we’d had some warning.