Basically the same stuff you had to prove

when first applying. Still unemployed, no job prospects etc. You have to complete the first tier before you can apply for the second, but he always applied on the day he normally filed and until the last tier there was no delay in getting it. The last tier he had a week delay I think it was. Jan whose dh went through four tiers before it was over in OK

It’s amazing how quickly we get used to what we didn’t have before

I knew I’d suck when they added it back. Although I was never behind the reduction (reducing contributions to SS which is in financial trouble never made sense to me), I’m not excited to be paying it now.
Glad you have a business gathering momentum to help cover the difference.
Great now I am worried. We didn’t get our check last week they claimed it was the year wait period. Now this week we can’t get the site to let us file. Of course I have been call the main office for two days to get a busy signal. Our local office claims everything is fine.

i meant to type

that payroll taxes will be increased by a minimum of 2%; this is why i’m not even going to worry about our january budget until i see all the numbers this upcoming friday on the four pay checks that should be coming in (my job which is paid weekly, my husband’s independent contractor’s job in the home healthcare field which is paid bi-monthly, his personal business as a bootfitter out of the local ski resort where he takes a monthly payment, and his actual part time job at the ski resort to fill in all the bare hours of his work week which pays him bi-monthly as well). we have a lot of unknowns at the moment, and i’ve no clue how much in payroll taxes will be taken from each of these four sources, but we’ll find out on friday.