I solved my quarterly filing issue for

my side job by asking my payroll person on my real job (and that would be me) to withhold an additional $200/paycheck for federal taxes.

We typically are under-withheld because we get $$ from a family business in March for the prior year. We don’t know how much we’re getting until we get the check and the K-1 from the business.

Add to a Roth doesn’t help your tax situation

It’s all after tax. Even sending $1,000 to TIRA isn’t going to reduce your taxes. That is the breaks of life in America…..Congrats to getting debt free. You also need to itemize your taxes for many deductions to take effect.

You can put in more money with a SEP, but it might be too late to get one set up….

Over the last month or so

I have been slowly working on deciding what to pack to leave for our big retirement adventure the first of June (with holiday loans no credit check), not really pushing it. Our attention was focused on the girls, our dogs who were both in failing health. Then losing both of them in a three week period was devastating. The only bright spot where our canines are concerned has been Griffin, our new boy. Even getting Grif was a struggle because of a new tech at our vet giving the humane society some misinformation. We had to fight for a week to get that straightened out, so he only got to spend one night with Misty Georgia before her cancer took her. Having him here helped with the grief, but both dogs are in a far better place (Jolie passed in her sleep 3 weeks before Georgia).

Anyway, I haven’t really hit it hard on packing, so many things to distract, the roof, the driveway, the ceiling repair, the furnace all have been kind of on hold. Because now I’ve been walking the pup several times a day until he gets use to the place. We have started letting him off leash when we are with him to see how he reacts around the cats and guinea fowl. So far so good. He’s curious, but doesn’t charge them. Which is a good thing because he is a large dog.

I’ve started making my master mixes, ordered more dried food yesterday for the camper and just kind of piddling along doing things to prep for retirement.

That just changed. Dh called earlier today to ask if our budget was in good enough shape for him to quit today! It is, thanks to following DR. Even if he retired today there is no way we could leave very quickly too much to pack and needs done around here, including getting the repairs done. But with him home it would all get done much faster. What we decided was he would wait a few days before turning in his request for his retirement package while we make certain all the repairs will be covered and start REALLY getting prepared to leave and possibly leave by April 1.

We will be headed southwest at that time of year, heading out I 40 toward the west to begin with most likely. We start preparing tonight. Well I’m starting heavily right now! Stay tuned for updates.

You also want to look into Estimated Tax Payments for 2016

The IRS has rules that you may be REQUIRED to make these payments (one per quarter – 1st due April 15th, then July 15th, Oct 15th, and January 15th. With you owing $3,000 this year (for 2015), that may kick you into having to make estimated payments (one of the rules is how much you owe the previous year). If per the rules, you are supposed to make estimated tax payments, but don’t you can be assessed penalties even if you pay your tax due by April 15th! If you have an accountant / tax person, you may want to ask them – if you don’t you may want to find one. Our accountant has been very helpful with tax planning etc. We really only use them for taxes and to meet once or twice a year to verify that our estimated payment are on track with business income – they don’t do our day to day accounting or anything.

Congrats on paying off your CC and saving money!

I don’t have any suggestions on cutting your tax, but I wanted to make a correction to your statement. You aren’t paying more tax because you saved money.
You owe more tax because you *earned* more money. Even if you had spent every penny you made, you’d still owe the same amount of tax…only now you wouldn’t have any money left to PAY it…